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Results Outcome for the quarter ending Dec 31, 2019 ( Sectoral )

IndustryYoY Revenue Growth %YoY Net Profit Growth %YoY Operating Profit Growth %YoY EBIT Growth %YoY Operating Profit Margin Growth %
IT Training Services12.381208.79203.41381.40823.93
Jute & Jute Products14.74816.67113.9294.1586.44
Iron & Steel Products9.55383.4133.2164.37115.04
Edible Oils-7.56206.10256.73160.12174.08
Computer Hardware-60.39190.89-753.20710.1853.48
Commodity Trading  & Distribution13.92183.4730.3055.64-90.12
Oil Marketing & Distribution-10.21164.5975.8670.368.41
Commercial Vehicles-6.96107.9517.70140.95-571.29
Containers & Packaging-0.2779.9713.9915.758.86
Heavy Electrical Equipment22.5777.376.2734.89153.83
Other Non-Ferrous Metals33.6472.8151.9649.929.33
Electronic Components-39.7266.22-2.79-8.85-723.53
Telecom Equipment21.1756.6487.8190.55-19.42
Roads & Highways22.8548.5317.8142.52-4.69
Healthcare Facilities6.9847.1525.9326.717.52
Electric Utilities-1.3545.926.3915.779.06
Medical Equipment13.7744.9942.1038.3713.54
Asset Management Cos.0.1142.1729.1125.9427.30
Plastic Products-4.4437.4025.6124.576.38
Misc. Commercial Services7.1135.829.059.75-349.76
Tea & Coffee5.6632.3034.4633.0827.41
Advertising & Media-11.8832.096.5122.5220.87
Healthcare Services12.7531.4328.1826.8648.22
Consumer Electronics11.5931.4320.5522.62279.50
Cigarettes-Tobacco Products7.6229.617.846.946.87
Finance (including NBFCs)15.5427.0219.7318.86-4.08
Non-Durable Household Prod.6.8322.4813.837.1725.31
Holding Companies20.7322.3616.4613.11-13.37
Construction & Engineering0.3519.633.786.77-0.05
Breweries & Distilleries11.7319.458.483.08-4.47
Household Appliances-19.8818.37-15.73-11.785.75
Consulting Services53.6918.10-9.273.58-240.87
Other Electrical Equipment/Products1.4115.747.874.94-14.84
Integrated Oil & Gas-1.8714.805.379.1816.89
Other Apparels & Accessories11.5914.0725.7717.4715.55
Travel Support Services10.9813.7925.9221.1511.33
Specialty Chemicals-5.5913.392.823.4726.98
Financial Institutions12.9611.4213.0617.800.09
Packaged Foods9.
Surface Transportation-2.398.881.000.75-14.89
Personal Products2.918.4112.3910.664.92
2/3 Wheelers-5.548.131.06-3.10-6.93
IT Consulting & Software8.276.459.669.65-41.75
Investment Companies-9.166.42-9.843.504.80
Life Insurance19.636.076.246.14-8.28
Other Industrial Products-2.283.72-1.90-2.81-25.43
Commodity Chemicals-9.792.71-11.58-6.5728.83
Industrial Machinery-5.592.35-5.67-5.6518.75
Photographic Products-12.550.96-128.28-24.96-103.73
Marine Port & Services17.810.39-2.223.71-8.21
Internet Software & Services-1.790.188.1611.463195.10
Telecom Cables-14.94-0.08-11.20-8.05-3.91
Department Stores17.49-0.1562.3463.4221.10
Paper & Paper Products-4.55-0.61-7.00-4.13322.45
Other Industrial Goods-4.81-3.87-10.48-10.14-21.31
Special Consumer Services16.69-5.7237.4138.4071.95
Other Financial Services-1.86-6.10-12.45-13.28-327.69
IT Networking Equipment24.47-8.7552.2538.6022.32
Household Products-5.52-11.58-7.76-8.870.45
Cement & Cement Products4.89-11.9820.9519.91-5.13
Auto Tyres & Rubber Products-8.61-12.593.019.83-5.61
Specialty Retail17.84-13.14106.19105.0784.81
Auto Parts & Equipment-10.64-14.92-2.44-8.65-7.52
Housing Finance13.13-15.00-3.05-4.489.24
Transport Related Services-20.23-15.19-13.78-15.458.10
Other Agricultural Products7.51-18.85-13.76-12.68-18.56
Other Leisure Facilities-13.72-19.15-23.4510.31-13.44
Oil Equipment & Services-29.09-23.37-30.73-30.18-2.32
Cars & Utility Vehicles1.06-27.329.49-10.5917.81
Exploration & Production1.37-29.4323.1713.959.71
Commodity Printing/Stationery-12.85-31.07-19.33-20.00-6.29
Other Food Products9.42-32.35-42.07-33.41-38.05
Forest Products1.84-32.60-36.20-24.11-107.15
Other Telecom Services1.16-38.762.22-5.1829.97
Broadcasting & Cable TV-3.92-43.34-4.98-13.63582.28
Fibres & Plastics-9.92-48.14444.88-16.60489.86
Construction Materials-11.75-60.14-46.66-31.16-62.46
Telecom - Alternate Carriers-0.95-65.62-9.70-10.09-8.83
Movies & Entertainment-28.33-82.52-105.09-82.990.72
Transportation - Logistics-4.44-115.1717.34-25.1420.01
IT Software Products1.31-174.60-1.76-95.44-99.09
Iron & Steel/Interm.Products-9.77-180.86-42.55-44.43-19.76
Gift Articles-Toys & Cards-5.91-654.64336.66289.55364.10
Telecom Services6.61-3363.2855.6313.7074.09

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WANBURY closes   at ₹ 18.02   with  a  fall  of   -1.10 %   on    07-Feb-2020   with formation of  a  SmallRed   Candle    on Daily  Price Chart.   Technically WANBURY is  Trading below its 45 DMA and in long downtrend since 2017.
About the Company : Wanbury is engaged in the business of pharmaceutical and related activities, including research.
Valuations : WANBURY has posted Profit in Sep-2019 after a long period. Total Revenue has increased to 109.7Cr with OPM increase to 13.73%. Net Profit has increased to Rs.5Cr. Employee expenses has reduced to Rs.17.4 Cr. Cost of Raw material consumed has also increased to Rs.39.40 Cr. Promotor’s holdings is 54.93 % with 76.76% Pledged.

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The author tracks economic, behavioural and corporate tends, hoping to gauge good avenues of return based on Fundamental Valuations of Stocks, a follower of EPV method.You can reach the author at +91 880 2230 836 or e-Mail :
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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Transport Cos. Keen on Running Pvt. Trains in India

The author tracks economic, behavioral and corporate tends, hoping to gauge good avenues of return based on Fundamental Valuations of Stocks, a follower of EPV method.You can reach the author at +91 880 2230 836 or e-Mail :
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