Monday, September 19, 2011

AmiBroker 5.45.0 BETA released on SEPTEMBER 19, 2011

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.45.0 (as compared to 5.44.1)
  1. 64-bit version compiled with new version of C runtime (Microsoft security update)
  2. Fixed date/time column sorting in virtual list views when regional date format was different than yyyy-MM-dd
  3. AFL: ClipboardSet() returns True (1) when clipboard has been successfully set. Sometimes clipboard is locked by another applications and then write can fail (ClipboardSet() will return zero/False then)
  4. New Analysis: Changed alignment of Date/Time column to left in backtest result list.
  5. Most AFL engine setup moved to worker threads. Result – smaller UI thread load in MT charts (better scalability) and much faster (upto 2x) explorations/scans in New Analysis window
  6. New Analysis: added “Info” tab that provides some summary information about analysis (number of rows, timings, backtest summary) – contents can be copied using Ctrl+C / Edit->Copy
  7. New Analysis: first-phase backtest signal processing and ranking moved to non-UI threads, enabling better parallelism, results in better backtest performance (upto 2x in with trivial codes)

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