Thursday, December 1, 2011

AmiBroker 5.50.0 BETA released on NOVEMBER 30, 2011

  1. New Analysis: Individual Backtest mode
  2. IQFeed plugin: speed enhancement, backfill queuing and new API support
CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.50.0 (as compared to 5.49.2)
  1. New Analysis: “Save” creates now a Analysis project (.apx) file that includes all settings and formula needed in single file. The file itself is in human readable XML format
  2. UI: File open dialog now has “All supported files” option in the “Files of type”
  3. UI: PopupWindow is now resizable (see size gripper in the lower-right corner)
  4. AFL: PopupWindow function has additional parameters to control width/height and flag that controls whenever popup window captures input focus
  5. New Analysis: ApplyStops applied in non-regular modes are passed to 2nd phase properly now.
  6. New Analysis: “Show current trade arrows” fixed.
  7. New Analysis: View->Filtering menu options were not available when New Analysis was active. Fixed.
  8. New Analysis: Standard Edition has a limit of max 2 threads per Analysis window instance.
  9. UI: Log window clicking on error displayed AFL Editor and marked Line+1, Col+1 char position instead of proper place. Fixed
  10. New Analysis: Errors are now displayed in a modern message bar instead of dialog box
  11. UI: holding down Ctrl and Q keys simultaneously while AmiBroker is starting resets all menus/command bars to defaults
  12. New Analysis: scroll bar properly works when “Walk forward” tab is active
  13. New Analysis: Walk forward tab content can be now copied using Edit->Copy / Ctrl+C
  14. New Analysis: when “wait for backfill” was turned on and external data source was very slow to repond (like IQFeed during backfill) subsequent calls to Status(’stocknum’) could give non-unique numbers. Fixed.
  15. New Analysis: Copy to clipboard includes headers now
  16. New Analysis: Column customization/state persistence implemented
  17. Charts: New Y axis grid algorithm for clearer display on condensed charts
  18. AFL: CategoryGetSymbols supports new categoryAll (all symbols in the database) and new Mode parameter
  19. AFL: Added Warning 503. Using OLE / CreateObject / CreateStaticObject is not multi-threading friendly. See Users’ Guide “”Efficient use of multithreading”" for more details.
  20. AFL: Added ThreadSleep( milliseconds ) function. It suspends current thread for specified number of milliseconds (maximum is 100 ms). Works only from NON-UI threads. When called from UI thread the function does NOTHING and returns immediatelly. Please do NOT abuse this function. Using it may negatively impact performance.
  21. AFL: Added StaticVarCompareExchange function. Provides atomic interlocked compare/exchange functionality.

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