Sunday, August 26, 2012

AmiBroker 5.58.0 BETA released on 26 Aug 2012

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.58.0 (as compared to 5.57.1)
  1. Automatic setup and update of stock symbol listing, together with sectors, industries, markets and groups (Tools->Update US symbol list and categories). This is implemented using new #import command (see below for the details). IMPORTANT: Using this function will wipe existing sector/industry structure and generate new one.
  2. UI: custom tools menu – added special internal command #import that allows to import ASCII files from local disk or even from remote (web) sources
  3. UI: custom tools menu – when an error occurs during launching of external command appropriate error message is displayed (instead of nothing like in old versions)
  4. The support for Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB) category system added
  5. OLE: Stock object has new property (string): ICB (read/write)
  6. Interval combo box was not updated after changing preferences / intraday / custom interval settings. Fixed.
  7. ASCII importer: support for importing sector/industry scheme and assignments by name (new SECTORNAME and INDUSTRYNAME fields in $FORMAT command) and $CLEARSECTORS 1 / $SORTSECTORS 1 command to clean up / sort existing sector/industry structure
  8. ASCII importer: crash could occur if required numeric arguments for some commands were missing. Fixed.
  9. ASCII importer: added support for ICB import: ICB field added to $FORMAT command and added $ICB command
  10. ASCII importer: numeric field data may be enclosed in double quotation marks and still properly interpreted as numbers now.
  11. Analysis: when optimization is stopped, Optimize() returned NON-default value when Status(“action”)==actionPortfolio in subsequent backtest. Fixed
  12. AFL: SetChartOptions did not allow to overwrite miny/maxy in 5.51-5.57. Fixed.
  13. AFL: CategoryGetSymbols, CategoryGetName, CategorySetName, CategoryAddSymbol, CategoryRemoveSymbol, CategoryFind updated to support categoryICB (new constant = 8)
  14. AFL: added InIcb() and IcbID() functions
  15. Added Status(“lastbartimeleftrt”) – it works like “lastbartimeleft” but uses the most recent RT stream update time instead of Now(). Added Status(“lastrtupdate”) – time of last RT stream update

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