Tuesday, September 25, 2012

AmiBroker 5.60.0 BETA released On September 25, 2012

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.60.0 (as compared to 5.59.0)
  1. AFL: GetFnData() now supports “Country” field
  2. AFL: SetChartOptions did not write chart flags in 5.5x. Fixed
  3. AFL: when array was passed as “amount” argument to DateTimeAdd, the results could be incorrect. Fixed.
  4. ApplyStop( stopTypeNBar, … ) in backtestRegularRaw / backtestRegularRawMulti/Rotational – N-bar stop exited 1 bar later than in regular mode. Fixed.
  5. aqh.format, aqd.format, aqg.format changed – removed $VOLFACTOR 0.01 previously used so volume is reported in shares not in hundreds of shares
  6. ASCII import: sector names beginning with “Sector” and industry names beginning with “Industry” were not imported properly. Fixed.
  7. Background of built-in dark grey theme made slightly lighter than black
  8. Blank chart panes now use defined chart background color instead of white
  9. Changed all price formulas shipped in setup to use colorDefault instead of colorBlack
  10. Changed Bollinger band filled default color to ColorBlend( Color, GetChartBkColor(), 0.8 )
  11. Changed default appearance to VS2010 / pane tabs on bottom
  12. Changed default chart layout for clean installation
  13. Changed default colors for charts to “Black” scheme and outline mode to “One color for entire handle and hollow up candle body”
  14. Changed default Price all in one volume to color to ColorBlend( ColorRGB( 128, 128, 192 ), GetChartBkColor(), 0.5 )),
  15. Charts: In 5.59 chart could stop refreshing when it had odd number of Plot() calls combined with a couple of PlotForeign() calls and total number of items to display in tooltip/data window exceeded 20. Fixed.
  16. Charts: Print Preview and printout had incorrect colors due to the fact that SetDCPenColor/SetDCBrushColor APIs do not work with metafiles/printers. Fixed.
  17. colorDefault is now user- definable in the preferences (Colors tab) and selectable from Parameters window and associated with chart theme
  18. In 5.58 View->Intraday->Tick turned incorrect “0-tick” interval which resulted in effective 1-second compression. Fixed.
  19. In colorCycle sequence colorRed is replaced with colorLightOrange for better visibility when displayed with red candles
  20. New Analysis: error message bar text is now trimmed to 110 characters to ensure there is a place for the “Details” button
  21. New Analysis: In 5.58 and 5.59 smart optimizer engine was not finalized properly when user pressed “Cancel” during optimize run. Fixed.
  22. New Analysis: In 5.59 3D optimization chart – wrong 2nd axis legend was wrong (duplicate of 1st axis). Fixed.
  23. New Analysis: Specifying ReEntryDelay > 0 in ApplyStop rotational and raw modes caused incorrect results in second and subsequent backtests (MG#79). Fixed.
  24. New Analysis: the message “No symbols matched apply to / filtering criteria” shows up in the message bar instead of dialog, so one does not need to click OK
  25. On attempt to close Analysis window that is currently running scan/exploration/backtest an appropriate error message is displayed.
  26. UI: cosmetic color changes (chart sheet tabs)
  27. UI: Crash could occur if the user customized Tools menu by moving “Update US stock list…” item from the very last position in the menu elsewhere. Fixed.
  28. UI: Filter settings dialog is resizable now (and static fields use proper background color)
  29. UI: Floating panes use themed frames now
  30. UI: importing custom icon image using Tools->Customize, button RMB -> Edit Image -> Import image caused change of current working directory. Now CWD is saved and restored after customization.
  31. UI: In 5.59 ticker box was not in sync with currently selected symbol on loading single-chart layout. Fixed
  32. UI: removed unused options from Prefs/Miscelleneous page
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