Monday, March 4, 2013

AmiBroker 5.62.0 BETA released on 04 March 2013

AmiBroker 5.62.0 BETA released

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.62.0 (as compared to 5.61.0)
  1. AddSummaryRows now supports also flag = 32. This flag adds standard deviation row
  2. AddSummaryRows treated NULLs as zeros in averages. Now it is fixed and NULLs are not included in calculations.
  3. Drawing tooltip “bars” count starts from 0 (when line is pure vertical) to match status bar X distance display. Status bar coords display is hidden once drawing is done to prevent user confusion.
  4. Snap to price now allows snapping to Closing and Opening price, to activate snap to close hold down “C” key, to activate snap to open hold down “O” key while drawing line / moving the mouse
  5. When “Play” button is pressed Bar replay dialog checks if Start Date is earlier than End date and displays error message if that is not the case.
  6. Ticker box is updated with new full name if it is changed from symbol information
  7. Per-symbol UserData fields are accessible now via GetFnData(“UserData0″)..GetFnData(“UserData99″). This feature is for implementors of custom data plugins to allow them to expose custom data
  8. New Analysis: In 5.61.0 Walk Forward kept old “Current symbol” until Scan/Explore/Backtest was run. Fixed
  9. First line in “Parallel trendlines” tool is snapped to price (if the option is turned on) as normal trendline.
  10. eSignal: now plugin supports EOD history for more than 40 years back
  11. Charting: Copy-Paste Special allows to copy entire chart pane with various options
  12. Backtest report now includes ‘Total transaction costs’ (sum of all commissions paid)
  13. Aux1/Aux2 fields now allow user-definable aggregation/compression mode (File->Database Settings->Intraday Settings). Available choices are last (default), first, highest, lowest, sum

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