Monday, June 10, 2013

AmiBroker 5.65.0 BETA released on 10 June 2013

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.65.0 (as compared to 5.64.1)
  1. Fixed crash @0048C19A/48C1C4 (click on result list after backtest to show arrows sometimes produced this).
  2. Foreign/SetForeign/RelStrength of the same symbol as active does nothing (i.e. refers to already existing thread local data, instead of querying database)
  3. In-memory quotation cache can now be larger than 20K symbols. Now the maximum is 100K symbols (user definable in Tools->Preferences, “Data” tab). Caveat use extreme values ONLY if you have plenty of memory AND you are using 64-bit version
  4. New Analysis: In 5.64.x “stocknum” incorrectly started counting from 1 instead of 0 as in old versions. Fixed.
  5. New Analysis: results are now sorted after Individual Optimization the same way as after portfolio Optimization
  6. New Analysis: Walk-forward result list colums had “alpha” type which resulted in alphabetic sort when user clicked on column. Fixed (numeric type is used now).
  7. New Analysis: when SetSortColumns was used in 5.63 and above it could trigger redundant multiple sorts. Now it is fixed (sort only once)
  8. QuickData did not work properly for not time-based intervals so it is now automatically turned off for charts using such intervals.
  9. Trade profit calculation speeded up. Upto 15% faster optimization with lots of trades.
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